How do you Treat Hair Problems?

How do you Treat Hair Problems?

Unexpected or unwanted growth of hair is a prevalent problem among men and women. It happens due to the extra production of male hormones, e.g., androgen. It affects both sexes, but a more troublesome problem among women.

Due to that excessive facial or body hair growth can be seen. When the problem is big, the person has to seek the best hair removal treatment in Shahibaug.

An expert can evaluate the condition and suggest the best suitable remedy among various available.

According to experts, certain medical conditions can lead to unwanted hair growth. For example, Cushing Syndrome is a common problem.

When you meet an expert hair and skin doctor in shahibaug, he can treat the issue by prescribing appropriate hormonal therapy. It balances the level of hormones and prevents and stops unwanted hair growth.

Medications like steroids or anti-seizures can be a reason for the problem. Doctors can analyze that and switch to different medications if needed.

Laser treatment

It is a very effective way to reduce the quantity of hair that grows in certain areas following a series of sessions.

It is a non-invasive method that uses a laser to destroy the hair growth cells in the hair follicle.

The treatment targets the pigment in the hair that absorbs the laser energy and heats the hair follicle. As a result, the cells responsible for hair growth get destroyed.

The treatment works best on dark, coarse hair.

Though the treatment is quite safe and harmless, there could be minor side effects like redness, swelling, and discomfort.

Therefore, consult a professional and discuss any concerns before starting this hair removal treatment.


If you go to a specialist for a permanent hair removal treatment in shahibaug, Electrolysis is one of them.

It involves the use of a small probe inserted into the hair follicle to deliver a small electric current to destroy the hair-producing cells.

This procedure can be performed in smaller areas. It is more effective in removing hair from the face, underarms, and private parts.

Hormonal Therapy

Depending on the underlying cause of the hair growth, a skin doctor in Shahibaug will use hormone management if required. This method is more effective among hair problems in women.

Sometimes, hormonal imbalances like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Treatments to regulate hormones like birth control pills and anti-androgen medicines are prescribed by doctors, and they cause abnormal hair growth.

If unwanted hair growth occurs due to medications like anti-depressants or steroids, then doctors may prefer to change the medication.

Sometimes, Thyroid disease can lead to excessive hair growth on the face or other body parts by altering hormonal balance. Treating underlying conditions stops unwanted growth of hair.

Eflornithine Cream

Eflornithine cream is another effective way for unwanted hair removal in women, and it works by inhibiting the activity of an enzyme that is involved in the production of the hair.

The cream is applied topically to the affected area. It has to be combined with other hair removal methods like shaving, waxing, or plucking. Which treatment is suitable? It depends on your condition and the severity of the problem.

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